Keyboard is not working properly

Hi, I am using Chuwi Core Book Pro. Some of keys of the Keyboard are not working.

Well on this forum I see hundreds of users raising several concerns but most have no replies.

After doing some research and pre-sales queries (rather no response from support at all) I conclude that

  1. Chuwi customer care tech support is not pro-active in solving customer issues
  2. Chuwi Laptops are low quality high grade products. This is common now-a-days. Pack more and more features in the device be it, laptop or mobile but compromise on quality
  3. The download section on support site does not work
  4. Users are scavenging for information, drivers and support overall with no much luck
  5. There do not seem to be any SOPs in place

Overall it will be prudent on part of prospective users to stay away from Chuwi products.