How to boot a Live DVD on a Chuwi Hi12?

Is there anybody who is experienced with booting into a Live DVD on a Chuwi Hi12?

I don’t succeed, any how to instruction is highly appreciated.

Although the USB DVD drive is recognized in the Chuwi Hi12 BIOS I am unable to select an USB DVD drive in the boot order section of the BIOS.

First you need to disable secure boot to boot from usb devices. Have you tried to boot using the boot menu (F7)?
I’m not sure that you can change the boot order on your tablet, because on my Hi10 air you can only change the boot device, not the order.

Thanks for your response, Biosham.

Yes, I have had disabled secure boot in the Security / Secure Boot menu of the BIOS on my Chuwi Hi12, and also used F7 key for the boot menu. However, the F7 key boot menu did not offer to select the USB DVD drive.

Basically that is not a surprise to me, since I have not been able to set the system boot order in the BIOS Boot / FIXED BOOT ORDER Priorities page to my USB DVD drive.

Offered devices are USB Lan, USB Key, USB Hard Disk, Hard Disk:Android-IA. But not USB DVD Drive. Although my USB DVD Drive is known to the BIOS. It is recognized in the BIOS / Advanced tab / USB Configuration as Mass Storage Devices: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7580S FX20.

The question remains: Is there anybody who is experienced with booting into a Live DVD on a Chusi Hi12?

You’ll need to copy DVD image to a .iso file then burn that to a bootable USB drive then boot from USB.I think that may be your best option.

This is a nice workaround, tekknogenius. Thank you for letting me know that this is the best option. In other words, if this is the best option, a Chuwi Hi12 isn’t able to boot from DVD at all.

Given this, the answer to my topic “How to boot a Live DVD on a Chuwi Hi12” is:
Chuwi Hi12 doesn’t support Boot from USB DVD at all, not implemented by design.
Dear Chuwi Forum members or Chuwi employees please correct me if I am wrong.

Also please let me know if there are plans to add this feature to a new BIOS version for the Chuwi Hi12 in the future. Thanks.