How to change system boot order

I need to change the CHUWI HI10 pro system boot order. The boot order is somehow fixed to first boot Android and then others systems. There is a place to change this on boot setup, but it’s not possible to change the order.
The model of my equipment is Hi10 HQ64G42171001366.

The boot order in the Bios is locked because the boot selection is made on the white boot boot selection screen. The system will always start on the last system used in the previous session if no option is selected on that screen

I’m using only ubuntu on this equipment. Before the system restarts I see the following error message: “System bootorder not found. Initializing defaults.
Reset system
_”. I have to hit F7 key every time to proper select ubuntu partition to boot.
From your answer I understand that there isn’t a way to change the boot order dispite the “white boot selection screen”.

What I would also like to know is how I can i.e. disable the Android option or the Windows option and directly only boot one of the two?

It is possible to eliminate one of the systems and leave all the space to the other. There are tutorials in the forum for both cases. You can remove Android and leave only Windows or remove Windows and leave only android.

If you are interested tell me what your option is and I am looking for the right tutorial.

I would like to keep only Windows on the tablet and remove Android, if that is an option and I would like to know if it works without any of the described boot issues.

@Manonegre222, following the main question posted by @arthurafs, I’m unable to change the boot order from the FIXED BOOT ORDER Priorities. Whatever I do to change the order to place USB as the first one, it doesn’t respond - the order doesn’t change. Also, with the USB stick plugged and pressing F7 intermittently, I get to the screen with booting options, but no USB comes up - only the Android and Windows options. My goal is to install Linux and get rid of everything else… so summarising, and as I have seen in other forums, I cannot find an answer on how to be able to change the booting order. PRODUCT: CHUWI Hibook Pro 10.1

Can you please help? Thanks

Are you completely sure that the USB pen you are using is bootable? If the BIOS cannot find it, it is because it cannot be booted from it.

Thanks for the prompt response @manonegra222.
My issue was that I was using the usb port on the keyboard, and that doesn’t work.
Once I purchased a female usb to male mini-usb cable and plugged straight into the screen, the USB boot option came up when pressing F7… I’ve managed to run the iso and now figuring out how to make it touch screen, etc.
As a note, the FIXED BOOT ORDER Priorities is still locked (I just tested). I don’t need it anymore, but just as a note.

Thanks mate!

I’m glad you could solve it, here you have me if you need anything else.

I just want boot Ubuntu Only, And I don’t want other OS in the CHUWI Hi10. How to unlock BIOS and direct boot up in to ubuntu? Now, I need Presss F7 to start ubuntu. Thank you