How to install android without reinstalling windows and without flashing bios

My tablet is Chuwi Hi12 Z8300 Dual Boot SN: Hi12 Q64G45160300482.
I have successfully installed the latest Windows 10 from the Microsoft website. Windows 10 runs smoothly without problems.

But my Android is gone.
How do I install Android without reinstalling Windows and without flashing bios?

I have downloaded several files in this forum for the official version only. ([Hi12] [Official Version][Dualboot] Chuwi Hi12 Android, Remix, Windows, Bios, driver)

A. Android




Are the files that I selected in accordance with my tablet?
Please guide how to install android without reinstalling windows and without flashing bios.
Please reference the URL link to download the required file.


Files are right, but probably after flashing android windows will gone because of wrong repartition.

Thank you for the guidance…

How about the statement “will not erase windows” in the picture above?

When installing Windows 10, I entered in dos mode, there were 2 disks (list disk) then I chose “disk 0” (select disk 0) and then I cleaned this disk (clean). I ignore “disk 1” because I think this is for Android and I don’t want the Android to be broken.

I select disk 0 to install windows. The results are satisfying, Windows 10 can be used without problems. But Android is gone. :unamused:

Here is a screenshot on my disk management.

First you need to install android, then you need to install windows, because android needs to make partitions at the beginning, not at the end.
Flash no erase will work if you have already installed android.

This is how the correct partitions looks like

Can we install still install android after windows already install (original win 10). Just want to add android boot, is it possible?, or need to reinstall windows back.
What tool you use to make disk partition?

It was made by Intel Phone Flash Tool automatically.
You cannot install official Android after a clean installation of Windows from Microsoft without losing Windows.

Thank you, looks like need to reinstall both OS if want to use android.
Chuwi Hi10 X didnt come with dual boot…but coz of specification better, i take that.
Will it work to use dual boot for hi10 x?

Yes, but hi10 x doesn’t have official android support, so probably you will have troubles with touch or orientation on third-party android firmware.

That is fine with me, on orientation we can use app in play store, on touch, we can use mouse, at least still can use. Can u suggest which android version the best for me. 9.0 r1? or others…thanks

I think the newer the better :slight_smile:
Android-x86 team released 9.0-r2

Alright … I will try to flash the bios and reinstall Android and Windows 10 because I also need Android.

A suitable link on the forum ([Hi12] [Official Version][Dualboot] Chuwi Hi12 Android, Remix, Windows, Bios, driver) has been broken.
Please give me link to download Windows 10 and the driver that matches my tablet Chuwi Hi12 Z8300 Dual Boot SN: Hi12 Q64G45160300482.

Is there no problem with the GPT partition later when installing Windows 10 from the link? Because before I had received a GPT partition error message when installing the latest Windows 10 from Microsoft.

Thank you.

You don’t need to flash bios if tablet works.
You should not have problems with gpt after installing the official android.
I can’t update links, but @Management probably can help with it.

I skip the bios flashing step, and will try to install android.

But why is my tablet not detected on my PC, even though my cable and port have no problems.

What’s the solution?

Here is the screenshot:


If the drivers are correct and you have tried more than 1 cable, this may be a hardware problem with the tablet.

Thanks for the reply