How to remove/reset bios password

Hi to all,
is possible to remove bios user password for hi10 air?

When choosing passwords and other security measures there is always a place to save them for eventual forgetfulness, you should not rely on memory.
That said, the only way to remove a password in a bios is by flashing it with a bios file in a flash drive, with the brick risks involved.

You need to download the bios file of your tablet model - it is very important not to mistake the model or serial number - and turn on the tablet with the pendrive on.

Hi thanks,
i know my password, i want remove it, because when the tablet starts without keyboard is not possible enter it

To reset the Bios password you must enter the wrong password 3 times and the system will give a code to unlock that you must enter at this address: in other computer.
The page will give you a new code to write down.

Turn off the tablet by pressing the power button until it turns off and then on again. The Bios will ask for the password again and you must insert the code obtained on the web. The system will be unlocked with the bios password reset.

It may take a little longer to load the system the first time.

Thanks Manonegra,
but it doesn’t work, after 3 incorrect passwords, the system does not generate any recovery code.

After entering the Aptio Ami bios, can i delete/clear the password?