How to replace battery for Hi10

Canyou send me information or a link how to replace the battery of my Hi10?
I already have the new battery and opened the tablet.

The classic. You can find everything you need on YouTube. :wink:

Here is a video to open it. The rest should be self explanatory.

Chuwi hi10 TUTORIAL Abrir Tablet open look inside unassembled - YouTube

Thanks for your reply.
I checked YouTube already and i already have the tablet open.
Nothing how to remove te old battery and replace for new one.

Your production departement must be able to tell me how to replace?

fd verburgh

If you have old hi10, you need to unsolder the old battery and solder a new one. If you don’t have a soldering iron, go to any local tablet repair center.
If you have hi10 X, you just have to unplug the old one and plug in the new one.