How to Restore Win11 to Win10 on Hi10 X

Hiiii… I have some problem here…
I was updated my Hi10X to Win11 but i feel performance is so slow.
How to restore my tablet to win10 original

If you updated through Windows Update, there should be a “revert to previous”-button somewhere in Settings. There’s a pretty good guide right here: How to get rid of Windows 11 (and roll back to Windows 10) | Computerworld

As they say in the guide: Timing is key! When upgrading one Windows version to the next, the installation actually keeps the existing Windows-folder and labels it as “Windows.old” (check your C:-drive to see if it’s still there). About 10 days after upgrading, the Windows.old-folder is deleted. When that happens, you cannot rollback anymore and will have to format and reinstall Windows 10 to get it back.