How to recover windows 10 from recovery partition

windows update went wrong “. Some files where move to make some place and windows can’t find it after the update. So my tablet was unusable (lock on black screen with “undoing change … so I need a way to recover windows from winre.wim that file in recovery partition how can I do that ?
by the way I deleted the windows 10

what’s the model of your device please?

Hi10 LQ64G42171104771

model CWl527 …can you help

Install Windows forum: go and download it, and all you have to do is paste the files on a pen drive in NFTS format and name it “WINPE” without the quotes. Press the power button and do not give anything, when the white screen to choose system appears, an icon of a W in a fairly small size should appear on the right, that is the one to select and the installation will begin