Hi10 windows 10 update loop of death

My Hi10 64 64Gb was in the process of receiving a windows 10 update and rebooted on its own and is now unusable. It now is caught in a rebooting sequence where it will start booting up with the circling dots, flashes a blank command window, then announces “Attempting to recover installation” then “Undoing changes made to your computer” then reboots. Repeat process.
It will not recognize any “rescue discs” via usb. Keyboard commands. I even took it into a professional repair shop and they gave up on it. I now have a relatively new tablet which is now useless. What is my remedy?

If you cannot boot from the USB flash drive using the F7 key or select the USB flash drive as the boot device via Bios (Esc key) and auto recovery does not work, then it will be best to write to aftersale@chuwi.com, they will send you to the official service center or will be able to tell how to restore the system with such an unpleasant problem.

If the tablet turns on and tries to recover the system, it is evident that it does not have a problem with hardware, but with software and, in particular, with Windows updates. It is very common that in the update process there is a shutdown by the user of the tablet, believing that it is stopped, or simply because the battery runs out during the process. This causes that, sometimes, the system cannot be started because the Windows startup has been damaged.
To correct this you must download from the official site of Microsoft a pendrive with Windows 10 home (32 or 64 bits depending on your tablet model) with the media creation tool (not an ISO).
Once you have it, start the tablet with the pendrive on and press F7 intermittently until a boot boot selection menu comes out. In it, choose the pendrive and the Windows installation program will start and in the main menu, choose advanced tools, startup repair. When it’s over, everything should work again.
If you can start up and get to the desktop, select the pendirve from this computer and double click on setup, in the menu choose to update Windows and it will be updated to the latest version.
If it does not boot, you must reinstall the operating system. Comment it here and I’ll tell you how to do it.