HQ64G421712XXXXX - Windows 10 boots to black screen

As the title indicates, when I attempt to boot to Windows 10, I only get a black screen. I can still put it into repair mode (by doing a hard power off three times in a row), but neither automatic repair, system restore, or system reset fix the problem.

I suspect I have to re-install windows to the stock version, but I’m curious if anybody else encountered this or if it’s a known issue that has a solution.

Booting to Android 5.1 works just fine.

I think you have corrupted the start of Windows and you must repair it with the help of a Windows 10 flash drive with the media management tool downloaded from the official microsoft site. You can easily find the place by typing “get Windows” in the search engine. You must download Windows 10 Home multilanguage not as room but with the media management tool. Once you have it, you must turn on the tablet with the pendrive connected and press F7 intermittently until a boot selection menu comes out. In it select the pendrive and in the following menu select advanced tools, startup recovery.A repair process will begin that should solve the Windows startup problem.

It does not work. I get the error message, “Startup Repair couldn’t repair your PC.”

You’ll have to reinstall Windows

I tried that using the Windows 10 flash drive from the official microsoft site. It did not work. Do I need to use the official Hi10 Pro Windows (2017.11) instead?