Is Hi10XR the same as Hi10X with S/N starting with Q128GH6?

Today I knew the new model named Hi10XR. I read the specification of it and recognized that Hi10XR is the same as Hi10X with serial number starting with “Q128GH6…”. Is my recognition is correct?

The reason why I have concern about this matter is “Can I use peripherals for Hi10XR with my Hi10X?”, for example, recently announced HiPen H7 stylus pen.

Thank you for reading.


Today I noticed that Hi10X is removed from Amazon search (confirmed with, That is, Hi10XR takes place of Hi10X in Amazon at least. Several evidences for this can be found in the Amazon reviews of Hi10XR.

  • some reviews evaluate Hi10X, not Hi10XR. There is no word “Hi10XR” in these reviews. They must be Hi10X reviews.
  • some reviews describe about HiPen H3 usage. H3 is not used with even recent Hi10X, so Hi10XR is supposed not to work with H3. For what are these reviews?
  • some reviews are perfectly same as for Hi10X. They must be copied from Hi10X reviews.
  • Interestingly, I can see Hi10X web page on Amazon through my purchase history, therefore Hi10X web page remains in Amazon, but cannot be found by search box.

Additionally, I cannot find Hi10XR in Chuwi web page. Just a week ago, I could find it there.

Why does Chuwi do such doubtful deed? Anyway, Chuwi must explain about support for Hi10X and relation between Hi10X and Hi10XR.


I checked reviews and know that oldest review was posted 2days before started to sell Hi10XR. It’s curious.
In the case of, very clearer than

Product name is Hi10XR.

But, Model name is Hi10X.

Most of reviews were posted before started to sell Hi10XR(Oct 11, 2020). Especially the oldest review was posted Jan 26, 2020 (About 10 month earlier!). Everyone may wonder if this information was made intentionally.

Is such an information inconsistency is normal?

I guess there is a some kind of cooperation between Amazon and Chuwi and that the cooperation may be just marketing strategy. However I cannot think it as a fair procedure. How can I interpret the information from Chuwi?

Hi, CHUWI and @Management

Recently we see troubles related to Hi10XR and HiPen H7.
At the present, CHUWI’s official information has been removed therefore owners cannot use them properly.

  • What accessories for Hi10XR? Keyboard? Stylus pen? Where to buy them?
  • What is HiPen H7 compatible with? How do owners use it?
  • Where can users get their device drivers/BIOS?

Please provide users with enough support, CHUWI. If not, CHUWI loses users’ trust.