Is my H7 pen dead?

Hello guys!

My H7 stylus is dead. I tried to use it today and the tablet can’t detect the stylus (no cursor on the screen, no input taken from touching it). I think the battery was dead and I tested it with a multimeter that reads 1.49V from it. I tried to replace the battery and no signal of life from the pen. Also, the multimeter reads the exactly same 1.49V from the new battery.

I don’t think the tip is worn, because I didn’t use it so often. [EDIT]: I tried a new tip and still no signal of life. I also tried to format and reinstall Windows 11 and all the drivers but the issue remains.

Is there anything else I can do?

To register the solution: I found that pressing both buttons for a while, make the pen works again but the chuwi support says to press them for 15 seconds. This didn’t work for me, but pressing for about a minute did the trick. My pen is working again.