Is this forum dead?

Is this forum dead? I hardly see anyone participating!

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Well, what do you expect? this is still a minor manufacturer with still poor costumer support. The forum itself was made available so customers figure out how to solve problems with their devices and share the solutions among themselves.

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I was hoping for better participation.

This is a forum where only customers participate.

The manufacturer (Chuwi) doesn’t participate in the forum: they are quite incompetent and would make an even worse impression if they did so they chose not to.


Your question is a fair one, however, it is I feel it is a shame that you have to ask it. I read every comment that is written and while I am interested in them I myself are limited by my knowledge of computers. I feel the forum is beneficial to all from those who answer questions to try and help Chewi owners. I have stated previously that Chewi products are of poor grade but fill a budget for many who cannot afford to buy a superior product by top manufacturers. All who contribute are to be thanked as they try to help others in trouble with their products. I noticed that users are still trying to stay with Windows 10 and below to this I say move to Windows 11 as all other platforms are being left behind. I also recommend that users sign into the Windows Insider program. You will benefit greatly in the long term . I have been using this for 8 years and feel it is the best way if going on the Beta insider level. Finally buy a cooling pad from Amazon to keep your device cool.

The people has a life away of their computers

Is there any way I can delete my account from this forum?

From now on I will be reading your problems in thos forum. So i will try to give support from inside. We also have very good help from some of the administrators they are still active every single day.