Lapbook pro heating

What can i do for my lapbook pro windows 11 pro. Its to hot almost 41°c to 50°c and only left side part beside of ssd m2 part i dont know if where exact part just left side only… what can i do? Thanks chuwi members and management

I yesterday received gemibook pro and have same issue. Fan running all the time and temperatures goes around ~45C.

Hello again Koneng, In my last reply to you I emphasised the need for a cooling pad to assist in the cooling of your device. A cooling pad can be bought from Amazon at a price of about £20/€20. This device is amazing at keeping any laptop/tablet cool when you are using your device to do a lot of use. I have a UBook pro tablet also two other laptops. Some laptops have vents underneath but MacBook’s do not. In the case of MacBook’s they disperse heat through the case where as lots of Laptops have vents which is easy for the cooling pad to keep your device cool. The batteries that Chuwi use need a cooling pad more than most I feel. I never use anyone of my devices without a cooling pad and I recommend that everyone does the same. They are light and very quiet in use. The more you use your laptop the more it will get hot no matter make you have. I even recommend a cooling pad with a MacBook and it keeps mine cool. Hope this helps you.

IMHO I don’t think a laptop these days should get that hot at all. If a device has no cooling fan than It should mean it does not because it can’t get hot. If it has A fan, then on heavy usage it could get a bit warm, but still not hot. If a device gets hot, it’s not ok. I think below is your laptop? It’s strange on these low hardware specs that it gets hot at all… Do you have warranty, send it back?