Larkbox Pro and Windows 11 compatibility

I’m still looking to update my Larkbox Pro to Windows 11.
I don’t see the TMP2.0 in the bois. is there any solution?


I have just enabled fTPM in the BIOS on my Larkbox by starting the Larkbox and continually pressing F7 until the Bios menu appears.
Going into Advanced Settings and scrolling to Trusted Platform it showed fTPM option which I Enabled and Saved and Closed with the F4 Command.
Now when I bring up Windows 11 check it shows my Larkbox is compatible, and sure enough in Windows Update it was ready to Download and Install…Now I’m just waiting for the installation to finish and hopefully it will work fine!

Did you get it to upgrade to windows 11 with johne_bike suggestion. I ask because I want to upgrade to windows 11