TPM 2.0 addition

I have the crowd funded Larkbox. J4115.

To get Windows 11 you need the TPM 2.0 chip. Can this be added to my device?

If so, a tutorial would be nice.

All other requirements are met.



Same problem here. Firmware TPM enabled in the bios and nothing shows in the OS. Wonder if a bios update can fix it.

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Hi WUZI, how did you enable TPM in the Larkbox’s BIOS? Where is that option located? I can’t find it.
Thank you very much!

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Hi, the TPM is located in Bios, Advanced, Trusted Computer,


Thanks. Although my Trusted Computer area doesn’t look like what you show, I hit enable,disable, & back to enable.
Then under PTT, I did the same thing.
After reboot, I ran whynotwin11. TPM 2.0 showed available.
Thanks for your help.


What BIOS version are you running? I don’t have those options even if I enable, disable, enable and reboot several times. I cannot get the fTPM to enable and show an actual device.

I’m on BIOS v 5.13 dates 2/6/21.

My Bios version is in th picture below.

I have a Larkbox Pro with bios v 5.13 and also cannot seem to show an actual TPM module (even though it appears to be enabled in the bios.) The fTPM appears to do nothing.

Does the Pro model actually have a TPM?

It worked for me. Thanks in advance!

It also Works for me. Thanks

In the Advanced tap for Trusted Computing I’ve only Security Device Support [Enable/Disable] and the message No Security Device Found.
Obviously with TPM enabled.
Have you enabled something else?

I’ve also enabled TPM but shows a “No Security Device Found” error as yours. It seems like BIOS can’t see Intel’s TPM on some Larkbox devices. :frowning_face:
I’ve contacted Chuwi support and they said I should reinstall Windows. I did it, but not helped because I think it’s not a Windows problem. If anyone knows the solution please help!

The fTPM (is always TPM v2.0 if fTPM) is embedded in the firmware so you have to enable it in the BIOS. Sometimes this doesn’t work immediately so you have to enable - disable - and reenable this function several times and reboot until the function appears as active. Try it until you are successful…

See als topic : Windows 11 update per Chuwi

I am trying to get TPM working.

Have tried fTPM enable,boot, disable,boot, enable,boot in Platform Trust Technology a dozen times or more.

The same for Security Device Support in Trusted Computing , but it keeps saying NO Security Device Found there.

Anyone any idea how to get TPM going?

Hello, on bios 5.13 Larkbox pro same deal enaled and disabled and rebooted several times no Dice!!!

I tried several time the fTPM enable/disable + Security Boot enable/disable trick but it doesn’t work for me.

Chuwi support exists or are we completely abandoned?

I verified row by row your screen with mine.

BIOS Build: GB01_ZW_1_07 (your ends with 05)
Build Date and Time: 02/06/2021 20:56:10 (it’s newer than yours)

PUNIT FW: 16 (your is 32)

Board IS: N/A (your is P1-S1C)

The _07 bios lacks the fTPM support?

I heard that in China TPM is not available, I bought my Larkbox from Banggood shipped from Europe.
I (and other in this forum) have the chinese version without TPM?

There is a newer bios?

I received my LarkBox Pro from and also no chance to upgrade to windows 11. No TPM.
Would be nice to hear any updates to this BIOS question. Any time soon to get TPM support enabled?

My bios date is 04/08/2022, v.107 and it has enabled and working the fTPM. In fact it came with W11 preinstalled.

As mates wrote, you must re-enable in Advanced → Platform Trust Technology → fTPM (disabled if enabled, reboot windows, and then again enabled from disabled and the check compatibility).
Trusted Computing (Advanced) must be enabled all time, not disabled, and after fTPM is enabled (2nd or 3rd attempt) it will show on BIOS TPM20 Device Found.