TPM 2.0 addition

I have the crowd funded Larkbox. J4115.

To get Windows 11 you need the TPM 2.0 chip. Can this be added to my device?

If so, a tutorial would be nice.

All other requirements are met.


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Same problem here. Firmware TPM enabled in the bios and nothing shows in the OS. Wonder if a bios update can fix it.

Hi WUZI, how did you enable TPM in the Larkbox’s BIOS? Where is that option located? I can’t find it.
Thank you very much!

Hi, the TPM is located in Bios, Advanced, Trusted Computer,

Thanks. Although my Trusted Computer area doesn’t look like what you show, I hit enable,disable, & back to enable.
Then under PTT, I did the same thing.
After reboot, I ran whynotwin11. TPM 2.0 showed available.
Thanks for your help.