Chuwi Larkbox Pro Windows 11 TPM Issue

I am unable to install Windows 11 on Larkbox Pro due to missing TPM 2.0. What is the process for users to activate TPM so we can install Windows 11 via Microsoft System Update?


Is the fTPM enabled in the BIOS? If not, can it be?

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It is enabled in the BIOS, but the Microsoft PC Health Check app still says no TPM is present. I have 2 of these devices on both are having the same issue.

It wasn’t on a Larkbox, but on another thread on these forums there was a user that posted that they had to turn their fTPM off and on like 4 times in the BIOS before Windows saw it was there. May or may not apply to this as well?

I saw that post and tried that a few times, but, I will try it again and see what happens. Hopefully Chuwi will address this issue for everyone. It shouldn’t be this hard to upgrade a new computer to a new OS. Thank you for your assistance. Much appreciated.