Larkbox Pro Bios Images

Hi everyone, the fallowing pictures are from my Larkbox Bios, for those who have bricked it by chnge the OS Selection, maybe this would help, to enter the Bios just press the power button, and press the Esc key 5 or 6 times

Now you can navigate to the next menu advanced, by pressing the left key
You can press again left key to navigate to the Chipset menu
Inside the Chipset menu you can press twice the down arrow key until South Bridge is selected

Then press Enter to show South Bridge menu, after that press twice the down arrow key and Enter, to select the Operating System menu, if you are shure of what you have selected before you can now navigate and select the correct one, after that you just press Enter and F4 to save an exit.
If you don’t know witch one is correct just press the F3 key on the ‘‘OS Selection’’ to choose the Optimized Default value, then save and exit with F4 key

Let’s continue with the next image

If you are on the Chipset menu 3rd image and press left arrow key, you will be in the Security menu, now if you want to navigate to the next one press the left arrow key again

Now it’s time to press again the left arrow key to the final menu ‘‘Save & Exit’’

This time you can press the down arrow key 6 times, and press Enter Twice, after that press F4 to Save and Exit.

I have not try this, anyone who will try this have to do it without monitor, i hope this will help someone, please give feed back if it works, thank’s

Thank you so much for posting this. I could not be happier reading the solution provided by you, I didn’t think of. Sounds promising and I would definitely try this tonight and let you know the outcome.

How I wish it’s just a display error for what I know, it is only possible to go into the bootscreen menu after the CHUWI logo preloading screen.

Anyway, I’m out of option and willing to give it a shot. Will edit this post soon.

Edit1: Did you mean left key or right key?

Edit2: Appreciate your effort by providing the loading screen. But I couldn’t get this to work. Despite having the blue led turned on, the fan didn’t spin and I have no idea if it’s actually booting up or not.

Just plug in any usb flash drive with indicator light. If it blinks during power up, then your device is trying to boot.

hello @Biosham thanks for the reply.

i’ve tested this with a usb to type-c ssd enclosure and the light was blinking for a short period after i powered on the larkbox (the blue power led is still static). i also tested it with my 4-ports usb hub and the hub’s blue led is also turned on. i can assure my keyboard is also working and responding.

anyway, the logic behind this solution was that the OP thought it had something to do with display/graphic issue and expected that the device can still go into the bootscreen menu thus all the steps to revert the OS selection option back to the default ones or working state which previously bricked the system.

if anyone else can get this to work do share your experience. i’ve tried removing the cmos battery without any success either.

Hello, you can try to load optimal values in the Bios, then save it.

Muchas gracias Joao, ya podrían poner los de Chuwi unas instrucciones como Dios manda o algunos tutoría les.