LarkBox X fresh installation Windows 11 on new disk

Hi, I needed to replace the Nvme and when I reinstall windows 11 I can’t access the network in LAN or WAN.
Has anyone had the same problem and solved it?

Maybe i fixed it myself

The Windows 11 installer doesn’t have the drivers needed to get the Ethernet ports or Wi-Fi working. Drivers can be downloaded from here:

Intel I-225V (Ethernet) Controller Ethernet Intel® I225-V

AMD RZ608 (wifi)

The drivers can be saved on the installation USB that we created and included during installation (Add driver option in the hard drive selection window).

The rest of the drivers are not needed when installing Windows and are either installed by the system itself or have to be installed manually.
The best option is to install and run the AMD utility to automatically detect and install drivers. This will install all the necessary drivers for the chipset and other devices, and the GPU and Adrenalin drivers.

original source:


for bluetooth driver:

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Today, a few days of use after the new windows installation I find myself without bluetooth and with the following problems…solutions?
I don’t understand why Chuwi doesn’t provide official drivers for their machines

I solved with this driver