Lets Unite and HELP CHUWI to HELP US. !UPVOTE!

Hello All and Chuwi.

For the last couple of years Chuwi as provided us and the world great hardware at an affordable price.
Personally I already have 3 Chuwi devices and you are now on my top list of posible purchases.

There is however a topic I Believe everyone agrees. You’re software and firmware support for your devices is extremely poor. Custumer support works, but at this day and age, simple documents, software, a download site are things we all would apreciate by category and would make our life and Chuwi customer experience would improve exponentially.

Also knowing that most of the people that look for Chuwi are experienced users I am quite sure we owuld all participate including Work instruction translation if necessary. Count me in for English and Portuguese translation.

Work with us the customer.

Best Regards,



I am joining the challenge!
I can also help to translate in Spanish and Romanian.
I hope it works !

You are very very lucky and an exceptional case for us Chuwi items are very bad, crude and poorly crafted my tablet died for ever in just 50 minutes

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Hello Kishor, it is not my intention to defend or harm Chuwi. If that is your case i believe they need to support you as best as they can. And also take that into account on next products.
I can only speak by experience and both the larkbox and the Hi10plus I own have so far met expectations.
My main issue is the lack of “normal” support or a simple product support page that allows us to download firmware or drivers when needed.
Hope the best on your situation.

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Go Chuwi go! i am new but plan to try to learn more and buy my first device soon.

I’ll be happy to help translating on Spanish and Italian

Every manufacturer knows his issues very well They can definitely give a clue to find the problem. Keeping quiet means selling a scrap not even a scrap as it has even no scrap value

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