M.2 NVME PCIE 3 2242 cannot be detected by Minibook J4125

Hi experts,

need help on how to get my LITEON m.2 2242 NVME drive to be recognize by BIOS and windows 11 ?

I had done the following steps,

  1. reset BIOS to default profile after trying out many settings
  2. format the NVME drive into GPT/NTFS using external casing (SSD is not defective)
  3. Thinking of getting a cheap m.2 NGFF SSD to try it out - Will NGFF M.2 work ?

please see my photos as proof that i have used the right SSD.

Found out that the "Standard NVM Express Controller " driver is missing in the Device Manager .

Where can i download the drivers ?

J4125 and N4100 model are NOT supported the NvME/PCIe SSD. We can only use SATA 2242 SSD.

okay. thanks for the reply

I use a 240GB SATA Transcend M.2 SSD with my J4125 Minibook. It works well.

Thanks for the info. Gonna get 1 soon.

Works with any M.2 NGFF 2242 from 64Gb to 1Tb I tested.