My WD SN520 NVME Reads/Writes at half speed...HELP

In my Minibook 8, I’m using a WD SN520 NVME that is supposed to read write 1700MB/s but instead I get 830Mb/s.
There is nothing I can change in the Bios regarding the NVME speed…Does anyone have a solution to this, please?

Minibook normally support only NGFF, how you install a NVME?

Hi Fane, I have the Minibook 8 with the M3 8100y Processor and 16Gb Ram. This one has an M.2 NVME 2242 slot and currently holds my WD SN 520 NVME.
Unfortunately the read/write on this NVME is only around 800m/s instead of 1700m/s.

Ahh… u didn’t specified, I cannot check because I have just the last version with J4125. Maybe Chuwi support can answer you.