My WD SN520 NVME Reads/Writes at half speed...HELP

In my Minibook 8, I’m using a WD SN520 NVME that is supposed to read write 1700MB/s but instead I get 830Mb/s.
There is nothing I can change in the Bios regarding the NVME speed…Does anyone have a solution to this, please?

Minibook normally support only NGFF, how you install a NVME?

Hi Fane, I have the Minibook 8 with the M3 8100y Processor and 16Gb Ram. This one has an M.2 NVME 2242 slot and currently holds my WD SN 520 NVME.
Unfortunately the read/write on this NVME is only around 800m/s instead of 1700m/s.

Ahh… u didn’t specified, I cannot check because I have just the last version with J4125. Maybe Chuwi support can answer you.

That’s either down to the way the PCI-E lanes have been split out, or a thermal/performance cap on the CPU.

Turn off the machine and let it cool down for an hour, then power back on and test the speed again straight away. If you are still seeing a slower speed, it’ll be the PCI-E config.

Also remember, SSDs have a limited write buffer into cache and SLC portions before they slow down significantly, so only do short burst write tests to avoid saturating the caches!

Nothing strange.
SN520 is a 2X PCI-E device, it doesn’t use all 4 lines of a normal NVMe hard disk. All NVMe ssds with m+b keys are done in this way. But they remain far better than Sata devices with very similar connector.