Memsic Accelerometer MXC6655 Win10 x64 Driver

I re-installed Win10 Pro using a bootable USB made from my retail DVD. All missing drivers except the Memsic Accelerometer MXC6655 were found in @level1imp’s Drivers (3rd Party) collection:!ANjfxPo4wPVNlZh6

Can somebody help me locate the Win10 x64 driver for the MXC6655?

ive made full copy of all drivers. so if it do not help then i can upload folder with all drvers.

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Thanks, but it doesn’t work. It says the best driver is already installed:

Weird thing is, if I reset the tablet to Win 10 Home, the accelerometer works until I connect to the internet - once it upgrades the license to Professional, the accelerometer stops working. I wonder how CHUWI messed this one up? :thinking:

Windows is strange as fuk. I understand that you upgraded your windows to PRO version. Maybe you should to try fresh instalation. I need to check PRO version too. Maybe today and then i let you know (i install w10 on micro sd cuz i dont wanna remove linux).

This is a total guess on my part, but Win10 Pro does have a more strict guideline on drivers. They HAVE to be signed with specific certificates or they just won’t be allowed to install or run on the system. Maybe Home accepts it and Pro doesn’t?

Special for you i just installed windows 10 PRO 2004 version on USB. I can confirm that sensor working OK. I didnt check rest of the drivers. So imo you should to install clean version of windows 10 pro. Or i can upload for you all HUWI drivers and you can try again.