Microphone extra


it’s possible installing an external microphone to Laptop, with 3,5 mm jack ?

Yes it is. To do this you’ll need a splitter type of adapter looking thing that consists of one (1) MALE headphone/aux size connector 3.5?..with two (2) FEMALE CONNECTOR ON THE OPPOSING SIDE. THE IDEA OF THIS SOLUTION IS TO UTILIZE THE GAMING STYLE HEADSET (WITH A HEADPHONE AND MIC) CAPABILITIES OF THIS MACHINE… THAT’S ASSUMING IT HAS THESE ASSUMED BASIC ABILITIES BUT ONLY BECAUSE SMARTPHONE IS EQUIPPED WITH THE SAME AND THUS IS ALSO ABLE TO PRODUCE THE VERY SAME RESULT WITH SUCH A ADAPTOR. My whole thing is I live with a attention span long enough to basically type this whole thing out in that about does it the same goes for my patients with electronic devices no matter how much I adore them. But this is a widely touted hack on the streets let me know if this works please!!!

Thanks for the question and the answer, I also had the same question and it has helped me