Mini HDMI not working

Hello. I have a MiniBook. It has an 8 inch screen. The issue I am having is as follows: the mini HDMI out no longer works. I have to now use the USB c out as my video out. I have an adapter which allows me to use the Usb c out for video - and also charge on the same port - however, I’d like to know what might be the cause of this - and how I can fix it?

Did you try different cables? to discard is not software issues?

yes. well. when i use a mini hdmi to mini hdmi into a pepper jobs portable monitor … it works. but when i use a mini hdmi to regular hdmi (same cable but without an adapter at end)… and to a port that goes to a projector… in a classroom, it doesn’t work. why?

Seems your minibook hdmi out works, so you might have another issue:

  • The mini hdmi to hdmi cable may be defective: you could test it with another display device like a TV.
  • The projector may be defective: you could test with another computer, dvd player, etc.
  • The projector and the minibook do not exchange capabilities: you could try to adapt the minibook’s external display settings to the specifications of the projector.

Good luck!

A few things. First, I must clarify that the cable was the same. When I first used it - I had to put an adapter on one end as the cable is naturally a mini to regular HDMI. However, the output from my chuwi and the input for the pepper jobs are both mini HDMI. So, the cable works. I then went to the classroom, and I used the same cable, however, the panel on the desk uses HDMI, so I removed the adapter. But, when I plugged it in - nothing. I tried unplugging it in and out a few times. And I tried another PC - the other PC immediately displayed to the projector and screen. The only thing I am thinking is - that maybe I need to keep a power source coming into the chuwi? Maybe I will try it with the USB-C power cable in the chuwi simultaneously? Because the Pepper Jobs portable monitor has its own power source. Maybe there needs to be more power going through the device to send a powerful signal to the HDMI port on the desk dock?

HDMI does not convey power other than needed for the signals.

If the HDMI cable works, between another PC and the projector, then it seems that maybe something wrong with the exchange of display capabilities using the minibook,

When you connected the other PC to the projector, what were the display capabilities of the projector as shown by the PC: resolution and frequency?

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I didn’t see that information. I will add that when i use the usb c out for video, the projected image is smaller than what the other pc accomplishes.

I was going to ask you to connect the minibook to the projector and try to set the resolution and frequency found for the projector with the PC that worked,

Here you can find a tutorial:

Cheers, Jaap

I am not sure if I can connect directly to the projector it is up high. I cna only use the patch bay at the desk.

Just connect it to where you normally do with the pc that works.

I have tried. If I use usb c… whether to vga or hdmi… it will work… (i have 2 adapters). But when i try the hdmi mini out of my chuwi… nope. Nada. I dont get it. It works to the portable monitor. But not to the projector.

Did you note resolution and frequency?

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I am not sure about this. How to adjust and do i do it on the chuwi or projector