USB-C port stops working (solved)

I had connected the monitor with USBC->HDMI adapter, adapter has also USB so I connected mouse and keyboard too. After some weeks monitor starts flashing (going black then white then show normal screen). And now it is not working. Mouse and keyboard not working too, USB-C seems to be disabled or not working. Before this I noticed that adapter is hot.Looks like it is has been disabled by Minibook after adapter overheated. I had reset BIOS but it seems to not be reseted, all values is the same as before resetting.

How can I enable USB-C port or get it working again?

@jaap can you help :slight_smile:

If it was my Minibook with such an issue I would try to boot a live version of Fedora 40 from flash drive.

If it boots, the USB port works. Then I would consider a reinstall of the OS. If it doesn’t boot I would consider to send it for repair or continue without USB.

Cheers, Jaap

the port is not working totally, it can’t connect any devices, it can’t charge minibook, looks like it is physically destroyed. But I still hope, that there can be some settings in BIOS which enables/disables the second USB-C port.

here is my S/N: ZMinBXHY2H230100130

If it doesn’t charge it is broken and should be repaired. Charging has nothing to do with drivers or settings.

I’m just trying to use this port and it is working. What happened? May be this was some overheat protection? Why it is working now? I did nothing, some time has just passed.