MiniBook Celeron J4125 - Charging and Display?

My MiniBook Celeron J4125 just arrived, its really great!

I can’t get USB PD charging and display out via USB-C working at the same time

When only plugged into my USB-C charger, its works just fine

When only plugged into my USB-C dock the display works fine, but no charging!

Is this a problem with my dock (Dell KD15A) or the Minibook (Celeron) doesn’t support PD and Display over USB-C at the same time?

Hi, i tried on my J4125 minibook, can connect to a portable monitor via USB C as well as charging at the same time.

I have tried it with another USB hub device and it did charge and display at the same time.

I will try it with a USB-C monitor later this week. If that works then its probably my Dell dock that’s at fault

I tried the Minibook with a Dell USB-C monitor and it didn’t work - both display and power didn’t work

With a Dell USB-C Dock (WD15) the display over USB-C works, so do the Dock’s USB ports, but there’s only 5V getting to the Minibook over the USB-C port, not the 15V it can take from USB-C PD chargers

The same dock will do 20V to other USB-C laptops, with display over USB-C working