Minibook linux screen rotation

Hi, is there a way to change the screen rotation for the boot screen on linux as well as for the touchscreen?

Currently, I am able to use KDE to change the screen orientation. However, when the machine is booting up and hasn’t entered KDE yet, it is rotated counterclockwise. Also, despite me changing the display orientation, the touchscreen calibration doesn’t change and is completely off (left-right translates to up-down).

You need to add this sensors support in iio-proxy-sensors pkg…

This should be done by a linux distro if the hardware sample is provided to the developers or pkg maintainers.

Please, read this manual

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Thanks a lot, I have managed to fix my login screen.

However, I still can’t fix my plymouth boot screen and refind / grub. I have rotated the framebuffer console and run update-initramfs -u, but the plymouth boot screen is still sideways.

Seems like nobody has found a solution for refind / grub yet.

Any idea how to fix these?

Maybe this get you some idea…

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Plymouth solved by upgrading to 20.10 which has kernel 5.7 and using GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=“video=eDP-1:panel_orientation=right_side_up”

Now the problem is I cannot rotate my bootloader screen (either grub or refind)

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Does anyone know whether there is any alternative bootloader to rEFInd that has a GUI and allows me to rotate the bootloader screen?