How to rotate Linux grub text?

is there a working way to rotate Linux grub on boot and linux login? I’ve installed Ubuntu Mate 20 LTS on my m3-8100y minibook and many things don’t work.

No one solution yet. Maybe You can try to play with rotate options in BIOS or use windows boot loader to choose windows/linux

in BIOS settings, rotation Is already set to right. If I set It to “normal” every things Is rotated to left during boot loading

I found one solution, but i think that isn’t like You.
After i was try install a few different linux distros on my chuwi my pattience was ower.
Because in each variant i must fo fixed a lot of problems an find solution.
Thats why, i try to configure Gentoo linux now.
First, i send grub to hell and use EFI to boot my linux. Its really easy.
You must build kernel with boot options like root=/dev/sdaX fbcon=rotate:1
And dont forget install linux-firmware and add blob option for wifi card
form me it was “iwlwifi-7265D-29.ucode”
Just build the kernel: make && make modules_install
Next, mount your standard EFI partition to some place and copy kernel.
Something like this
╭─root@iChuwi ~
╰─➤ mkdir /mnt/pefi
╭─root@iChuwi ~
╰─➤ mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/pefi
╭─root@iChuwi ~
╰─➤ ls /mnt/pefi/EFI
gentoo Microsoft
╭─root@iChuwi ~
╰─➤ tree /mnt/pefi/EFI/gentoo
└── grubx64.efi

0 directories, 1 file
╭─root@iChuwi ~
╰─➤ cp /usr/src/linux/arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage /mnt/pefi/EFI/gentoo/grubx64.efi

Reboot you PC and see the magic.
Linux booted completed, in normal mode. Next setup consolefont (like terminus ter-k28n)

Now i try to setup other services step by step, like X, hibernate, input output e.t.c.
Yes, its look like hard way, but for me its easy to configure my own system instead of fixed others.

I am considering the option of using Windows bootloader but I am unable to add Linux to Windows boot. I tried to use Easy BCD but when I open It, I see this warning: “EasyBCD has detected that your machine is currently booting in EFI mode. Due to limitations set by Microsoft, many of EasyBCD’s multi-booting features cannot be used in EFI mode and have been disabled.”
Can you explain in more detail how to add Linux to Windows bootloader?


EDIT: meanwhile I deleted GRUB following this guide:
I Hope your hack Will work

as i found info
" - EasyBCD cannot be used in UEFI mode: thread on EasyBCD forum. But it can be used from version 2.2."

Bou you don’t need it.
Read the comments

Also, read about efibootmgr on gentoo or arch wiki pages.
Sorry, but ubuntu isn’t my choose.