MiniBook X - drawing problem

After receiving the MiniBook X, I used the Hipen H7 to draw a line.
The application I used is WhiteBoard.
I moved the pen with the same pressure, but there were several breaks in the middle.

(indicated by the blue arrow)
At this time, the battery of Hipen H7 was new.
Do I need to configure Windows 11 to keep the lines unbroken?
Or is it simply a panel or pen failure?

Hi, try to hold down both buttons of the pen for 15 seconds, thanks

After press and hold both buttons for 15 seconds, the MiniBook X no longer recognizes the pen.
Press and hold again for 15 seconds to recognize.
(It seems that the protocol of AES and MPP has been switched.)
However, even after recognizing it again, the drawn line is still broken…

Hello, please contact and deal with thank you

With the newly bought HiPen H7, I was able to draw without breaks in the lines.
Is there a difference in specifications between the H7 I bought with the Hi10XR and the H7 I bought this time?