Minibook X pen/digitizer performance

One of the reasons I bought the Minibook X was to take notes, make diagrams, mark up maps or PDFs, etc.

My mom has a Chuwi Ubook so I used her spare HiPen H6 (with the orange cap), and while the accuracy and pressure sensitivity are great, the diagonal jitter is really bad. I know some of it is inherent to some technologies, it is nowhere near as bad on the Ubook, I don’t think it’s noticeable there really.

These should be straight diagonal lines that I’ve drawn slowly, but not ridiculously slow, just normal speed if trying to draw carefully. It’s less of an issue if you do it very fast.
But much worse is that it’s almost impossible to draw a circle or some letters, especially “o” or “e” get messed up pretty badly. My handwriting isn’t perfect but it’s not that bad :slight_smile:

Could someone confirm if

  • Is my laptop defective, or are they all like this?
  • Would the HiPen H7 be better?
  • What about another pen like the Huawei M-Pen 2? The panels on the MatePad is the same it seems, and from the reviews it seems to work better

Hi, I have recently bought the old version of MiniBook X, I can confirm that I have the exact same issue.

Did you find a solution ?

It is a very annoying problem, basically you are unable to write circular letter and cursive letters

Yep! I eventually found a solution. The diagonal jitter is still there mostly but everything else is working much nicer.

Unfortunately it’s somewhat risky and/or complicated and you have to run some sketchy software so there’s a chance it will ruin your minibook :slight_smile: It worked eventually for me so check out this post in another thread:

Thank you very much !

By the way I was using H7 pen by Chuwi, the problem was still present. So the cause is not the pen itself

Yeah it doesn’t look like it’s because of the pen, but thanks for confirming it!

The short version is that the digitizer has a configuration file loaded into its memory that defines stuff like resolution, segments, gestures, etc. The setting for filtering was set way too aggressive for some reason, so gradual movements like in a circle would get smoothed into a straight line, which made handwriting and drawing circles almost impossible.