Minibook X N100 - Can't access BIOS, non-functional trackpad

Two problems:

  1. I cannot access the BIOS. Initially, I accessed the BIOS with the escape key to make the fn keys default to media keys. After this, the escape key no longer boots into the BIOS, even in combination with the ctrl, fn, and alt keys applied. F7 and Delete don’t do the trick either.

  2. After trying and failing to access the BIOS, my trackpad no longer works. There is no cursor on the screen and I’m forced to use the keyboard and touch-screen. An external mouse does work. Windows Device Manager does register the trackpad (HID-compliant touch pad). Disable/Enable and Uninstall/Installation of the device have no effect.

Please advise. Thank you.

Press Fn-ESC keys to unlock the trackpad.

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Thank you @albertserene, that worked. Any idea how to access the BIOS?

This is how you can get access to BIOS settings after Windows 11 has started.

Start PC
Log in
Press the Windows key

Select Settings
Select Windows Update
Select Advanced options
Select Recovery
Select Advanced startup, Restart now

PC resets

Select Troubleshoot
Select Advanced options
Select UEFI Firmware Settings

PC resets

You can change BIOS settings

Cheers, Jaap

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Thank you for the workaround Jaap. Any ideas why the BIOS is no longer accessible in a traditional manner?

In my experience it is the case when secure boot is active. It is common to all PCs with UEFI and secure boot. Not limited to the Minibook.

Cheers, Jaap