Mt6580 model:s7 dim blue screen after flash

Model:s7(see pictures below)
The device had privacy protection password. I flashed it with sp flashtool and it failed to boot up. I only see a dim blue screen after powering on. The dim blue screen seems not restarting.
Big problem is that I don’t know device name. There is no name written even on top cover. Device is just written "model:s7: on the back under the battery. During boot up, it only said “Android” then it completed its boot up process, no known logo, no Samsung logo.(that was before flashing with sp flashtool). I don’t know the Android version too. I haven’t backed up the device rom. Kindly help me to get an exact rom for my device. And of course kindly tell me device name. I tried many Samsung s7 clone firmwares but still dim blue screen when I power on. See pictures below