My HI10Plus android stuck but win 10 running (need reinstall android)

Hi ,

My Tablet HI10Plus
Model CWI527 LQ64G42171110652
Probem :

  1. Android is stuck but windows can running normally.
  2. SD Card reader cannot read ( it happen since +/- 2 weeks after purchased)

Need help for solution:

  1. Link to download Android firmware for above model and tutorial how to reinstall Android (link in this forum to download android for this tablet version is dead),

  2. is it possible to reduce windows partition to extend Android partition ? because 8gb is to small for android only enough for few application

  3. is there any solution for to solve card reader problem?

Sorry for my English.

Thank you in advance for the help.


  1. Android
    The same with this tutorial

  2. That’s impossible.

  3. Android only recognizes SD card in FAT32 format. If Windows doesn’t, it’s a CPU problem.

By the way, I love the way you ask questions.It would be great if other users described it the same way :blush:

Dear Management,
Thank you for very fast response ,I very appreciate it.
let me check and try to install as described in the tutorial document


Dear management ,

herewith the result after i reinstall follow the tutorial :

  • Android instalation running well with no problem ( at this step Android running without problem but windows cannot running )
  • I try to reinstall windows but at this step message come up on the screen that mentioned IO error and ask to turn off the tablet.
  • after i turned off , the tablet dead and cannot be turned on again even the light indicator doesnt turn on when I plug the charger .

Please advice for the solution.

Thank you

By reinstalling Android you will lose Windows, so you must reinstall both systems and in that order.
You can try to recover Android from the recovery menu before, by pressing, immediately after selecting Android, the power button and the volume button minus, pressing and holding the volume button minus until the Android menu appears, select the menu recovery with the volume keys + and - and confirm with the power button. Once inside the recovery menu, select factory reset again with the volume keys and confirm with the power button again to make the reset. Try turning it on again when done to see if it worked.

Dear Manonegra222
now the condition my tablet is dead cannot on when i push the power button,what should i do to solve the problem?
Thank you

Hi Management ,
and ayub wibowo , hows update now ?