Need Windows 10 32-bit on HeroBox

I am trying to drag an old DOS based application on to newer hardware because the PCs are getting harder and harder to find to support Windows 98SE. I can run my application on a virtual running Windows 10 32-bit as a test, but I need to do an actual install to the HeroBox. Unfortunately, the BIOS has an x64 EFI shell, so it will not ‘see’ the Windows 10 x86 install DVD. When I manually try to trigger it in the Shell by running bootia32.efi, it says “Image type IA32 is not supported under this x64 shell”.
Can I flash the BIOS to a version that will allow a 32-bit OS to install? This HeroBox does not have enough speed to try to run a virtual on it, plus it is a pain to try to get the external hardware to work on the virtual.

Can you use DosBox though?

Unfortunately, I’ve tried DosBox and my application requires more than what this can do for me.