New Lapbook: How to add Linux?

I have a new Lapbook Pro. I need to add Linux as a second OS.
I’m reading different messages from people in this forum, although I’m little scared to brick the lapbook.

I’m not sure if I can do the typical procedure, to create a second partition then reboot for Linux installation from a USB flash.

Please, give some help or some easy guideline or tutorial.

thanks in advance,

It would be better replace the SDD by a new one and then start a fresh install with Linux and Windows?

Can I install Windows 7 instead Windows 10 to avoid problems?

What are the steps to avoid brick the Lapbook?

Please, some help

You can install linux like on other laptops and PC, just don’t change anything in bios, especially “OS select” to Linux.
And if you install win7, you will not find the drivers for this system.

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Yea, I just installed Clear Linux on Lapbook Pro without any problem. Just don’t change anything in bios.

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thank you and sorry for the delay in answer. I was able to make some space and install some Linux distro to try experiences. Using a multiboot flash usb.

I’m thinking in install also Windows 7 to see how it works.

Biosham, Do you think it would be a problem with drivers or also with the UEFI boot?.

Because I imagine there are some compatible drivers in some place, despite hard to find.

Do you wrote that because some internal hardware in the Lapbook without possibility of W7 drivers?

thanks a lot!

To install Windows 7 you need to integrate the USB 3.0 driver into the Windows Installer.
If you do not do this, then during installation you may not see the internal drive, if internal drive will be initialized then after installation usb probably will not work until you install the driver.
But you can find windows 7 with integrated usb drivers, also i’m not sure that you can find all drivers for windows 7.

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good to know! Thanks for the help.

Hi @David3

There are many linux distro’s which allow multi boot option. So you can just install linux along side original windows provided by chuwi.

Try Manjaro Linux, if you need further help then feel free to tag me.