No Support / No reply for a month after multiple emails


I was a Indiegogo purchaser of Chuwi Minibook - contribution id 5897.
When I received my laptop it multiple issues - Blue Screen of Death and fan noise .
I have contacted Chuwi in November 2019 when I got my laptop, advised them that I already reinstalled OS and drivers as per Forum, and they advised it to send it for repair. After repairing the laptop and sending it back to me, the problems did not go away. I advised multiple time that I am sure it is a hardware issue.
I requested support again to send me instructions so I can send back the laptop and REPLACE it (not repair) - For about a month now there is no response to my emails ( I sent many!)

Can you get back to me and replace my faulty laptop!!!

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I think @Management should be able to help you with the communication problem.

Looking forward to solution

There is still no reply even at this forum . Can @Management get back to me?

Last thing I know is they have some 3 days off this week.

But @Management should reply soon.
Its been more than 3 days now.

Sorry for the late reply. As you said, I just returned to work today.
Please contact regarding crowdfunding details.

Hello I’m still getting no reply to the E-Mails

Then please tell me your email

I wrote several emails = still no reply

I am sorry , I have followed up for you again just now. I believe you must have received a reply by now.

Dear @Management

I still have additional questions - and clarifications - please check your email

Dear @Management please check your email again

I think you misunderstood, that mailbox is not mine.But I’ll follow you up again.

Dear @Management could you please ask them to check their mailbox.

I’m waiting for replacement and again no reply

GOT IT :slightly_smiling_face: