Operation of Power button


First, I use Windows 10 as it came with the device (updated to version 1909, no extra drivers installed, power-related settings not touched).
After I shutdown Windows with Shut Down option from the Start menu, I am not sure how I should correctly turn the tablet back on.
Short press of power button makes white light on the keyboard (original attached Chuwi) go on for a few seconds, then it is turned off and nothing happens. It seems that I need to hold the button pressed for a few seconds so that the white light first turns on and then turns off, and only then release it? So what happens after short press?

It’s probably something trivial - just I am not used to tablets.


I had a problem similar to your, but that wasn’t the issue with 1909. What I did was holding the power button for about 10 seconds and the Chuwi logo came back. I hope this help.

Good luck,

Indeed, you must press about 3 seconds to start reading the bios and start the system. Shorter press has no effect as power stops before the start process begins