Chuwi Hi10 air slow wake up

I have a problem with my Chuwi Hi10Air; when i put it to sleep it takes minutes to wake up, if it wakes up at all. The weird thing is that if i send it to sleep a short period of time, 5 minutes or less, it wakes up as expected, apparently taking longer the longer it has been sleeping. When i press the on/off button or press a key, the white led on the keyboard is turned on but the screen remains black. So far ive only installed google chrome and the windows updates. I cant recall if this problem happened before or after installing the updates.

There are two different behaviors of Windows during the suspension period.

  1. During the first minutes the laptop is suspended. During this time, the ports are still connected, active applications such as mail, Instragram, FaceBook, Twitter, Telegram … and Wifi, bluetooth, sounds. During this time there is practically energy consumption as when it is on since only the screen shutdown differs. The laptop will wake up quickly - depending on its resources - simply by pressing the Enter key once or several times.
  2. When the suspension is prolonged for several minutes, the laptop goes into the Hibernation situation, in which Windows leaves all the devices disconnected, the power consumption drops to minimum values ​​and when the user requires it again, it will appear to turn on Again, it can be verified that the applications that were open at the time of the suspension are still open and in the same place.

Windows behaviors in these cases can be changed, modified and created custom profiles in the power options.

Mine does this too, but I’ve never been able to get back into the suspended session because I can only get the tablet to turn back on by keeping the powerbutton pressed for a very long time.

The same thing happens when I boot it under a different OS from an external drive (Linux or ChromeOS), so I am pretty certain that this is a firmware feature. Can one turn the hibernation off or postpone it for more than 24h somewhere in the BIOS settings?