Overvoltage on usb

hi everyone ! i have a problem with mi hi 10 pro hq64g421612 with an over voltage message on a usb port. Can a driver reinstallation solve the problem if yes can someone give me the official one, and if no can someone give me some idea for fix it (sorry for my english im italian) this is the message"Power surge on the usb port- A USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limit of its hu port you should disconnect the device."
Note: i haven t any device connected

I had the same issue.
The USB circuit is sorted to ground. One of the power regulator burned out on my motherboard.
I replaced the mobo.

Where did you find the mobo and how many money?

I have fixed my problem by unpluging all USB Devices and Click on Reset, https://thegeekpage.com/fix-power-surge-on-usb-port-in-windows-10/