Power Management under Windows 11

I received my Corebook X today. Intel core I5 cpu, 16 gb RAM, Iris 655 GPU. Love the system, it’s amazing.

Everytime I receive a new unit, I wipe it clean and proceed to a full reinstall. I had a license for Windows 11 Pro, installed it with no issues, except that… the fans are always on at high speed, like the cpu power/fan/thermal management is not working. I installed all the drivers listed on this forum, from Mediafire, posted in May. Every device has its proper driver.

I setup a dual boot system. Under Linux Manjaro, the fans are almost never working and the system is pretty cool, they only turn on when I’m compiling stuff or under heavy load (games, etc.).

But under Windows 11, with no application, after a hard boot to the desktop, the fans are working at 100% with a high pitch whining and the system is hot, even though the Task manager shows 30-35% activity.

Any clues as to what’s going on? I’d hate to have to reinstall as I’ve just spent a full day setting up my system for work. I would be grateful for any help on this matter.


Hi, nobody replied here and I found a way to get things under control because I didn’t like to have temps rising too high and the fan spinning too much when doing light work. Hopefully this can help others with the same issues.

Under Windows 11, I ended up downloading and using ThrottleStop from TechPowerUp. Ultrabook Review has a nice, up to date guide and link to the software. It works really well for me. I disabled Turbo and slowed down the clock a little bit, with great results with minimal loss of performance. Obviously for games or heavier workload, you’ll need to toggle this off.

Under Linux (I have a dual boot setup), I’m using cpupower-gui, which has a nice, minimal yet great interface. It’s available for most Linux flavors (Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch/Manjaro).

Hope this helps others! Cheers!

I have the same problem, the laptop becomes unusable in windows 11 the fans are always working and at some point the system hangs, even without doing anything the temps are usually around 50-60 C and the moment you do something like watching a video or browsing the temps go up and the system hangs. I was using core temp to at least suspend the laptop when the temperature went critical. I’ll try ThrottleStop thanks for the tip. By the way have you managed to fix the acpi battery system not being supported under linux? I tried many different kernels but none seemed to support it