powerbank ► USB booster cable to DC ► CHUWI Herobook Air ?

Hi, I’m trying to have computer while long black out/etc. Will the set up below work without any issues? See attached. Pls advise/suggest/etc. Thank you…

(output 5V/2A) (a)

USB Power Booster Cable
(input 5V to output 12V/2-3A) (b)

CHUWI Herobook Air (c) but without built-in battery
(input DC 12V/2A (d))


this is the screenshot of what I wanna happen/etc

Not sure which is the power of Original Supply. Your Powerbank will not delivery enough power I believe.

you have 5V 2A, Power = Voltage x Current, so you have 10W delivery.

When you use Step Up to 12V, you should still keep the 10W,

10W = 12 x Current , in the end with this setup you will delivery only 0,8A of current on Laptop, which I believe it-s not enough to charge it.

Original charger delivers 12V at 2A, so 24W. In order for powerbank to provide enough power you would need a supply of 5V at 4.8A.

Better setup would be to get a powerbank with USB-C output that delivers at least 2A at 12V, and use a converter from USB-C to the plug of Herobook charger.

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