[Chuwi Hi10 Go] Powerbank problem

Hi, i have bought CHUWI Hi10 Go from Amazon.I need to recharge it with my powerbank. With my powerbank i can recharge all device, also my notebook, but i can’t recharge the CHUWI. Why? What can i do for resolve?

Thanks for help


Which is the brand and model from your powerbank.


Hello, thanks for your reply. I have this model:


It support 12 volt, it can recharge all my pc, but this tablet no.

Вашему пауэрбанку не хватает мощности. нужно более 25 W.

This powerbank can be work?


Я заказал с Али BASEUS 65w https://aliexpress.ru/item/4000958620294.html?_ga=2.184291430.1737330918.1662028264-859061293.1659971432&_gac=1.65098012.1662031181.CKvSpLu3uNMCFQ6JsgodMkoJIQ&item_id=4000958620294&sku_id=12000029384670409&spm=a2g2w.orderdetails.0.0.3eaa4aa66ouTCR
Должен прийти к 17.10.2022. Думаю, что такого будет достаточно. Только бы ещё режим PD3 работал как должно.

What I linked to you would be delivered to me tomorrow. Do you think it can work? Badly I give it back for free.

По-моему должно сработать, хоть я и не увидел прямого указания на наличие спецификации USB-C PD3.1 или PD3.0.

I bought this, I will update you tomorrow. Maybe it can help others too.

Hello all,
Waiting for feedback but I was thinking that this could be an issue regarding the power delivery.

Some CHUWI devices, even if in theory they wouldnt need such high current to work, they demand minimal power. Example is Corebook X, you cannot charge it with less than 65W charger by USB-C.

65W, 12V-3A, it’s more than original charger. It should work.

Work!! If someone have this problem can be buy this :blush:

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