Processoer cooling

Does anyone have any ideas to improve the processor cooling?
RZ-Box 5800H

To keep a processor cool depends on its capability to handle the workload place upon it. Each device has a limit of build versus the price it costs. I have always used a cooling pad which can be carried with you and has five or six fans to get the maximum cooling effect. The fan connects to your laptop via a usb using low power from the battery so you can sit the fan on a desk or even on your legs while the laptop sits on top and cools your device while using. The cooling pad if searched on Amazon can be purchased for about £20/€20 I have tablets and laptops and would never not use the cooling pad. It is cheap to buy but is worth its weight in gold to protect your laptop. Just search laptop cooling pad and there are lots to choose from.

Even ten fans… External cooling is ineffective in our case.