Replacement Charger for my laptop

Does anyone know where or how I can buy a replacement charger for my GemiBook XPro?

Thanks and merry Christmas

We have a similar concern … 2amp 12volt ?

Probably from us, but you need to write my colleagues:

If you want it:
1-Go to ,
2-Select your zone, up corner right side(Europe/USA /Global)
3-Menu-Explore -Contact us- Aftersales Service
4-Fill the form(dont write email, must be the Form to fill)
5-Write Maria, at the beginning (so my colleagues know i send you)
6- Write your
Serial Number ,
Where are you from
When and Where did you buy it.
Why do you want to buy it (warranty purposes)

  • My colleagues will answer you telling if we have stock or not (sometimes we do not at that moment) and shipping prices to your country. Payment is by paypal.