Restore initial windows 10 setup

I usually just wipe off system off a new disk and install a Linux distribution. I just sent in my Corebook X for battery replacement after wiping off the disk using NVMe tools and when I got it back it had the W10 initial setup again.

I might sell the unit in a couple months and having W10 ready to setup is a plus.

Can I wipe the disk now and restore this initial state later on, or should
I just shrink existing partition rather then delete it?

I am not used to keep the Windows partition so I am not sure what it’ll need, how to reinstall MS bootloader and such.
Any hint appreciated.

In this forum I have seen that some users install Linux on a new SSD, saving the Windows SSD for future use. Thus, recovering the initial state of the computer is as easy as installing the original SSD. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, given the prices that SSDs have today.
On CHUWI and other computers, with Windows 10 installed and running, I have used the Recovery function to reinstall Windows removing everything, which leaves the computer ready for initial setup.
On non CHUWI computers, I have made clean installs of Windows, after taking note of the product key code.