Windows 10 to re-download

Hello all,
I have bought a Chuwi CoreBook X 14 inch Intel Core i5 2K 16GB+256GB 2 years ago.
Recently in an updated of windows 10 some bit has gone lost. The result is I cannot open the setting any longer. Tried to fix browsing advise on internet. It did not work. The idea is to download again windows 10 from Chuwi and to set up the OS from scratch. Is this any chance to do that in Chuwi or should i buy windows 10 from Microsoft store? Any advise how to settle the issues?
Thank you for your answer.
all the best
BR Franco

Hello Franco,

Download Windows 10 (

Create a Installation Media USB drive

When you perform a fresh and clean installation, it should get the hardware OEM validation and activate Windows automatically.

With this USB media created, you can also run recovery system, try to recover your machine to the previous working image.