Install Windows on new ssd on corebook x 2021

I recently purchased a corebook x model 2021, the one with the intel i5 8259u cpu. I wanted to know if I wanted to change the ssd, then when I have to install windows again can I do it as I would do it on any other computer via ush flash drive created with the official microsoft tool? and for chuwi drivers where can i find them?


I would recommend to create a USB Drive with Windows 10 Home, which you can do using official Microsoft tool. Then, since we only have one M2 slot, you can either do a clean installation from the USB Drive on the new SSD. Since the Windows Licence is linked to the machine, it should automatically identify it and the drivers should be automatically installed.

Another option would be for you to use another computer with two slots, and clone the original SSD to the new one.

If you have a M2 external case, you could connect this directly to the Corebook X to clone the original SSD, and then just change the original for the one you have cloned.

I hope it helps.

first of all thank you very much!
i read that the drivers should send them directly by chuwi support by email … so isn’t it?
Then I would also like to know which SSDs (1TB) are compatible with the corebook x 2021 … and also which ram model since I would like to add another 8GB. I had in mind to install this: Crucial RAM CT8G4SFS824A 8GB DDR4 2400 MHz CL17. it’s compatible?


SSD models are M2 slot NVME.

About drivers, it´s said that Windows 10 should have all the drivers needed. If not, you may ask Chuwi.

If you create the USB Drive with Microsoft Tool using your Chuwi laptop, so far I remember, it creates an Installation drive with the needed drivers already for your machine.

I bought this ssd: Crucial P5 1 TB CT1000P5SSD8 SSD and I will try to clone the SSD already installed on the corebook on this crucial and then replace it hoping it works!

I used macrium reflect for cloning. It works.