Sd card reader didn't work

The Micro SD controller is unstable. It is periodically disabled. Me
ssage-code 10

This is a well-known problem and there is no effective solution other than replacing the CPU.

no effective solution ??
really ??

I just buy a second used Hi12 table , and find this bug .

SD card fail on win10 . but android use SD card ok …

This is a processor malfunction. You can switch the sd card operation in the bios, install drivers from other tablets, but these are all temporary solutions.

I use “” , and win10 can see 32G sd card , android also , but I try many 32G FAT32 SD card , only find 1 32G tf can work , other exFat 256G win10 can use , but android 5.1 not

SD cards over 64GB officially is not supported.
To use exFat / NTFS in android you need to get root and install patch - Google Drive