small problems after reset to win 10 pro

Good morning all

(herobook pro 2020)

I reset the pc with a windows 10 pro usb key

I had a lot of problems with drivers (mouse does not respond, slow wifi, etc.) i try “driver pack solution 17” in first
After i install your drivers by looking on the forum.

now ;

-the mouse works but is not very reactive
-the backlight of the screen does not vary (100/100 all the time)
-the windows animation are very slow (as if I did not have the gpu drivers)

do you have any solutions? thank you :slight_smile:

When it says “reset” I understand that I reinstall the system, deleting the one that Chuwi provided without having copied its drivers to avoid future problems.

If so, my advice is to reinstall the Windows rom that Chuwi provides in the support and download section of your laptop model and once everything works correctly, back up the drivers using the doubledriver app, freely available on the internet.

Then you can install the system you want with your password, but I would also like to tell you that in case of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro, you do not need to perform any installation, which would have avoided the problem you have now, since it is enough to update the product key in the corresponding screen of the configuration, to enjoy the characteristics and functionalities of Windows 10 Pro.

A consultation before making decisions would have saved you trouble.

Have a nice day and do not hesitate to ask any questions.